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Visited: 29th October 1999


z Vartemberka In the beginning of 14th century lords from Vartemberk reared castle originally yclept Goldenberk or Kolmburk on hummock hills 5 km west from Nova Paka. For the first time new castle reminded in year 1325 by Markvart from Trnava, third son of Vartemberk family founder Benes from Straz, which perhaps was castle's promoter too. Vartemberks had originally like member family-tree Markvartic in his coat-of-arms marching lioness, already at the beginning of 14th century, thus just at the moment in time Kumburk beginning, her replace by gold-sooty mould skiver shield.
Markvart from Trnava, whose wife was is said illegitimate daughter of king Premysl Otakara II. and after she is said he inherited Drnholec, had three son - Benes older, Jindrich (Henry) and Benes younger. Benes older died about year 1354, about four years later too Bennet younger. Henry, last from bros 'd from Agnes from Sternberk son Jean, by who in 1410 this branch of Vartemberk family extincted, yet before it he however in 1406 for debt sold Kumburk to Joan Krusina from Lichtemburk.

z Lichtemburka John Krusina from Lichtemburka (+1408) belonged in that time to most powerful Czech magnate, in years 1404-7 was supreme burgrave and except Kumburk he owned Opocno, Chocen, Lichnice, today's Havlickuv Brod and other manors, part of them he inherited from brother Wenceslas. After his death inherited Kumburk eldest son Hynek Krusina. He during Hussite wars stood up Hussite side and from year 1419 was marshal of Oreb brotherhood. In the course of brotherhood campaign to help Prague within year later was nominated also Prague's first marshal. In 1423 he was elected one of coutry marshal. In following years he inclined to opposite side of barricade and in year 1429 was his conversion valuated by emperor Zikmund by donating of nearby castle Bradlec. In 1440 he bought large possessions after Puta from Castolovice including castle Rychmburk, Potstejn, Novy Hrad minsterbesk princedom and Kladsko county.

After Hynek's death his son William (+ c. 1486) sold majority of hereditary houses and lands, Kumburk he however retained. That was sold perhaps by his son Haiman (+1529), because even in his days are alluded on Kumburk other landholders. Those at the beginning of 16th century quickly changed, in succesive steps on Kumburk alternated: in 1500 John Zehusicky of Nestajov, 1513prince Bartholomew from Minsterberk, 1517-24 Berkas from Duba

Trčka z Lípy About from year 1526 castle was kept by John younger knight Trcka from Lipa. Already about seven years later he progressed Kumburk also with village Paka and surrounding villages to his uncle Nicholas Trcka from Lipa on Velis (+1540), who to Kumburku added near town Jicin. Trckas already not resident on Kumburk, they ought to have extensive manors and as long as they restrain in local periphery, stayed on Velisi or Jicin. Nicholas leave from wife Johana from Selmberk only son William. This run into debts and from year 1550 began step by step sell off individual manors. In 1562 was accepted into lord's state, but already about seven years later dying childless, and by him die out also vlasim family branch. William divided his possession among of his wife and relatives, Kumburk accrual to Burian III. knight Trcka of Lipa from older lipnice family branche. This settle awake big indignation among related and developed court spore persisting into year 1590. Burjan was from year 1562 until her death year 1591 royal subchamberlain and from two waives 'd three son. Kumburk after he inherited oldest John Rudolf, last male family member, which was in year 1593 together with brothers promoted into lord's state. John Rudolf shortly after begining of new century began sell off some its houses and lands and year 1607 come also on kumburk manor.

Smiřický ze Smiřic Bought him hereditary imperial taster Zikmund Smiricky of Smirice, who especially by heritage achieved big possession and so was one of richest Czech magnate. When he about year later died, his middle son Jaroslav inherited houses and lands, eldest Henry George was that is like mental second-rate declared irresponsible. Jaroslav survived his father's about pure three years, houses and lands then passed to cadet son Albrechta Jean, in of that time seventeenth. Under Smiricky's rule castle feel like prison, in round tower above 2nd gate was for of her love to retainer blacksmith George Vagner eleven years incarcerated Elizabeth Catherine, daughter of Zikmund Smiricky . Albrecht John inherited in 1614 after his granduncle Albrecht Wenceslas and in further years by purchase even extended already so considerable family possessions.
Albrecht John was eager confessor of noncatholic faith and that is why he stood at birth corporative uprising in 1618 and from beginning he active participated of his process. so in 23th of May 1618 he was at defenestration of governors Slavata and Martinic from Prague castle windows, after it was elected the youngest member coutry directors council. Corporative uprising selfsacrificing upheld like one of few nobleman by moneys, diplomatic actions abroad and army organization. However in autumn 1618 he was taken ill in the course of Ceske Budejovice siege and after transport into Prague he died 18th November. His funeral was monumental, as it were kinglike. Regarding his forthcoming marriage with duke of Hanau daughter, whereby 'd related with rulers of powerful European countries like is Netherlands and England, with of him can think like about possible future Czech king.
Because irresponsible Henry George couldn't take in houses and lands after dead brothers, his younger sister Margaret Salomena entered on guardianship, older Elizabeth was still kept in prison on Kumburce. Oto Henry of Vartemberk liberated her in 1619 from Virgin tower, married she and began demand share on smiricky's possession and refuse even corporative governments. That send out to they to Jicin chateau in 1620 committee conducted by Margaret Salomeny husband Henry Slavata from Chlum. Elizabeth Catherine evoked gunpowder explosion, at which she and Slavata perished. Margaret Salomena then managed whole possession until uprising beating in battle of Bila Hora . After it she hastily departed into Silesia and took along also Henry George.
Dead Albrecht John was condemned to lost honour and all possessions. Albrecht from Valdstejn, as new Henry John trustee, match against unfair confiscation and in 1622 achieved division - Kumburk accrued into part given to his keep . Henry George was extradited to him in 1627 in Hamburg and until its death about three years later lived with guardian on Hruba Skala castle. His possession then accrued to present guardian Albrecht from Valdstejn.
After Valdstejn's slain in Cheb emperor gave waste castle Kumburk in 1636 Rudolfovi from Tiefenbach. After his death in 1653 kept manor wife Mary Anne Alice from Sternberk and after her death manor crossed over to John Norberta from Konopiste branche of lord from Sternberk family. This however not to care a groat about waste castle. After thirty years' war experiences, when many castles becomed support points for enemy forces, was soluted it pull down from strategical reasons. In suggestion of military architect Pieroni it was in 1658. Powder charges so after to himself left only fuddle not providing an easy survey ruins and during further years surrounding inhabitants have merit in further destruction of castle remains, as such used stone from castle to building purposes. Sternberks kept Kumburk manor into 1710.
z Trauttmannsdorfu
In this year Kumburk was bought by Jan Josef count of Trautmannsdorf. When he died three years later the manor came for his infant son František Norbert (*1705, +1786). His younger son Ferdinand (*1749, +1827) was in 1805 advanced to hereditary imperial and czech princely state for him and his descendands in primogeniture line. Kumburk was hold by this line and in 1840 his grandson Ferdinand (*1803, +1859) tried to assure devastated castle and exported scree from lower basement. Another assuring attempts was performed in 1939-41 in charge of Czech tourist club. The tower was then repaired, cellars cleaned and supporting wall built. In 1945 was Kumburk confiscated by Czech state.